Beardcare with an authentic southwest scent of desert and spice.


superior beard care products from High Desert Man

Premium Beard Care

Smoke Chest kit for the cigar and pipe lover. Man cave organizer

The ultimate herf organizer

Smoke Chest Kit

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Our Beard Care Regiment

Our Beard Care Regiment "...think of what the purpose of each product is and compare with how our own natural body processes hydrate our hair."

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Shea Butter Magic

Shea Butter Magic It is high in fatty acids and vitamins that soften skin and hair, it is an extremely effective anti-inflammatory agent for mild rashes, eczema, etc. and a highly effective moisturizer and barrier against harsh elements.

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Sonora's Signature Scent

Sonora's Signature Scent

For years, since I became a desert rat (someone who spends a lot of time in the desert), I have loved the scent of the Creosote bush, a.k.a. Greasewood, a.k.a. Chaparral. It is such a unique and different scent - somewhat pungent, floral and a very strange "fresh" aroma that...

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