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Care good enough for farming hands...

We recently launched Rugged Balm - "a deep moisturizing, heavy barrier against the elements". After using it for nearly a year and getting a feed back from many people who we had given it to to test, we figured it was time.

Rugged Balm is very different from most hand creams, locations, etc. It is heavy - it needs to warm up a little, but spreads very evenly and absorbs quickly. The real magic behind it though is the barrier formed by the beeswax and shea butter, which causes a time-release effect for the oils to moisturize your skin.

My wife was using a 100% shea butter product previously. She loved it, but she complained that it never really absorbed into the skin - it just kind of sat on top. So she only used it at night. When she started using Rugged Balm, the first thing she commented was, "It absorbs very well - not like my shea butter".

We work on a small farm; raise goats, chickens, cut / chop our own firewood, hunt for meat - we produce most of what we live on. But along with that, my full-time job is as a Wireless Consulting Engineer, designing and deploying wifi networks for large corporations, stadiums, airports, etc. I spend a lot of time at a computer and when I've had a full weekend of work on the farm, my hands let me know about it Monday morning. This is what Rugged Balm was made for.

Try it and please - let us know what you think of it after a week of use. From Arizona heat, to Alaska cold, this product will soften and protect!