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Our Beard Care Regiment

Read most beard company application instructions and they generally say the same thing:

Oil: apply small amount in palm of hand, emulsify and rub into beard

Balm: scoop out a pea-sized to almond-sized portion, emulsify in the hands and distribute through beard

However, think of what the purpose of each product is and compare with how our own natural body processes hydrate our hair. Oil should rehydrate the skin and beard and add luster to your beard - this is key behind why we use droppers in our bottles. Balm should moisturize the skin, soften and condition the beard and both products should include health properties.

 Our bodies naturally produce a waxy oil called sebum. This exudes from the hair follicles and hydrates our skin and also works its way down the hair shaft to protect, moisturize and coat the hair.

Often when a man is growing a beard, especially early on when the length first starts to develop, one's chin will become dehydrated, flaky and itchy. This is the first sign that your body cannot keep up the proper production of sebum to accommodate  your new chin blanket. Mitigating that dryness and correcting a skin condition is first and foremost in yielding a healthy beard.


The High Desert Man method is as follows:

Use oil after you shower and apply first directly to the skin under your beard. This is why oils with droppers are superior to other delivery methods - they allow you to get directly on the skin. I shower at night, so I use my oil at night. Massage into the face and draw through the beard. If your beard is really long, you may also apply some oil in the hands, emulsify and rub into the beard ends to promote health and fight split ends. However, do not use oils and balms together - it's too much and will weigh down your beard, attract dirt and cause build-up.

Hog Phat balm should be used during the day. In the morning, wet the beard with warm water and then blot dry with a towel. Use an appropriate amount of Hog Phat for the amount of beard that you have; emulsify in the hands and pay attention to get it between the fingers as well. Then, with the finger tips, get down to the skin and rub some into the skin directly. Follow up by rubbing and distributing through the beard. This will add some control to fly-away, wispy beard hair and if you like, apply some heat from a blow dryer, followed by blasts of cool air to set it in.

High Desert Man products are formulated to promote healthy skin first and also give you the softest, healthiest looking beard you have ever experienced. We are confident you will agree after as little as a week of use.