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Sonora's Signature Scent
For years, since I became a desert rat (someone who spends a lot of time in the desert), I have loved the scent of the Creosote bush, a.k.a. Greasewood, a.k.a. Chaparral. It is such a unique and different scent - somewhat pungent, floral and a very strange "fresh" aroma that you don't encounter anywhere else. The desert comes alive with this fragrance during monsoon season, when the hard rains wash the wax coating of the Greasewood across the desert floor.
For years the native American's of the area used this plant for healing purposes and for hygiene. Putting the green branches of the bush on fire coals produced a smoke bath that would kill all the germs on one's body.
There were two problems I anticipated with doing this scent. First was "how" - you can get essential oils / tinctures of Chaparral, however they do not mix in oils. In fact, they do this weird solidification thing where it almost forms these tiny, hard beads in the bottom of your batch and all the scent completely disappears. The solution was infusion of the actual plant - a bit more work, but so much more real and authentic.
The second issue was how to make it a favorable scent that would be pleasing to everyone, yet still representative of the natural, genuine scent of Chaparral - this is where the "spice" came in.
The end result is a new scent from High Desert Man that truly represents the Southwest and the one key fragrance that everyone who lives here knows well. And pay attention to the scent, because it is a tricky one; you will get different aromas from it at different times - sometimes spicy, other times fresh and earthy. We are proud of Sonora and hope that you will enjoy this new scent.