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What is


Early in 2016, when I began playing around with making my own balm, I started by purchasing several different balms from other companies; a practice I participate in to this day. I noticed that typically, the balms were either very soft - what I've always referred to as a "hard oil", or quite hard. While I enjoyed many of the scents I tried, the products generally didn't do what I had, probably by assumption, thought they should.

Harder balms are typically such due to the amount of beeswax that they use. More beeswax is going to provide more hold, but these balms usually feel very waxy, coat your hands as you emulsify and just don't spread very evenly.

Soft balms don't offer any hold, save taming a stray, fly-away, but they do spread nicely and in my opinion are going to condition better than a hard balm, simply because they spread more evenly.

But, is there something in between? Something that emulsifies very easily, conditions and softens superbly and offers a moderate hold? I submit to you, Hog Phat!

Hog Phat was deliberately created with a unique texture that spreads evenly, because it emulsifies very easily in your hands. For the ingredients - especially the high percentage of organic Shea butter - that we use, it conditions and heals your skin underneath. Your beard will be so soft, that you will appear wise beyond your years, by reason of the frequency of which you stroke the beard, pondering just how soft it feels.

But why "Hog Phat"? Well, it's a play of words on the unique texture and the simplified, natural life we left the city for. Our mascot (you can call him Opie, a big ol'  boar hog that some good friends of ours have) came as the result of a search we did for a bearded hog. We found a great image online and our graphic design guy did a fantastic job of rendering the likeness of that image into the image you see today.