What we do -

provide top-shelf, handcrafted, men's grooming and smoke accessories. We are the premier men's accessories company of the southwest and the only company who makes regionally specific, totally authentic beard care. All natural ingredients, only essential oils and no fragrances; no drying alcohol.

History -

both partners have lived and worked in tech for many years

after years of longing for a simpler life and searching for a “weekend get-away cabin”, we fell in love with a small mountain community, sold our city home, and moved full-time to a rustic log cabin. We soon met our like-minded partners and High Desert Man was born.

we have all changed our lifestyle to a more rugged, authentic life. We raise livestock, chop our own firewood, and garden organically. We bake, cook, and make things ourselves, from scratch, like our grandparents used to.

and we knew we could make every-day products for men that were simple, natural and of the finest quality.

Values -

to use the purest ingredients

no animal testing, ever

no environmental impact -

our water comes from a well, we breathe mountain air, and eat food that grows and grazes on our land. We care deeply about about our community and the environment, so we never use pesticides or herbicides. We take pride in using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible and having no impact on our local water supply, soil or air quality.

Where we’re going -

we encourage men to be men. No matter where you live or what you do, you want rugged, superior products that do what they promise to. It is with this standard that High Desert Man strive to provide products that can be used and enjoyed every day by  every man.