High Desert Man was started by two couples who desire to get back to a simpler life in this great state we call home. We've called the southwest home for most of our lives, and as avid outdoors people, we love the natural scents that are found nowhere else in the world but here - the signature aroma of the Sonoran desert after monsoon rains; the refreshing air of the pinyon-pine and juniper conifers of the rim country.

This is home and we hope to introduce it to you, our customers, in a way that will give each of you a little enjoyment each day.




Allergen Warning

Our beard products contain nut and fruit oils. If you are sensitive to these ingredients, please test a small area of skin prior to regular use.


Lots of companies say they have "locally sourced" beeswax, which - let's face it - is nearly always far better than commercially bought, bleached and over-processed beeswax. High Desert Man Beeswax is local, as in our neighbors, who have been professional bee keepers for decades. We personally select, by hand, the wax from his bees that we like, then we hand-filter it ourselves before using it in our products.

Why is this important? First, we are supporting our own community - our friends. Second, our wax still has honey in it after processing. It gives our wax properties that you don't get with commercial wax - the antibacterial properties of honey, the color and a particular texture that carries into our products. We know - we tried over and over again to make our Hog Phat Balm with commercial wax and we were not able to get the same qualities that we ended up with.


What makes our oil different? If you look at many of the different offerings out there for beard oil, you'll notice some pretty impressive and lengthy lists of different natural oils, some companies putting 6, 7 or even as high as 25 different ingredients in their base. Why do they do this? In a word, cost - they are "distributing the load", because your body is only going to benefit so much from 5 different moisturizers or 8 different conditioners.

Jojoba oil has long been known for it's skin and hair qualities and the similarities to our own body's natural processes for moisturizing the skin and hair; it's the best, so including it in a hair or skin product is almost mandatory. However, it is also a very expensive oil, exponentially higher in price than others such as grapeseed oil, avocado, hemp or even argan oil, which is another expensive, but very good conditioning and moisturizing oil.

Jojoba is our main ingredient and we put twice as much jojoba oil into our bases than any other oil we use, giving your body an ample amount of top conditioning, moisturizing and softening.

We also use a high amount of argan oil, which is also very expensive, but argan is a super-healing oil, high in vitamins A & E and rich in anti-oxidants. It has anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for your skin.

Our other oils are primarily for moisturizing and viscosity, to give our oils the particular qualities we felt were best to last through the day. To keep the edge off (split ends, dryness, flaking, etc.) and maintain that rugged mane, you want the best foundation - you want High Desert Man base oil.

Hog Phat (balm)

Hog Phat is a rugged beard balm. Not too soft like a "hard oil" (as we call it) that you might get from other companies and not so hard that you need to pry it out. Hog Phat has three qualities that we believe no other balm product has: our hand-selected, hand-processed beeswax, high quality, 100% natural and organic shea butter and our HDM carrier base oil, high in jojoba and argan for great conditioning.

We worked very hard and through many failed recipes to create a balm with a consistency that is firm, yet very spreadable, melts easily with a little emulsifying, and has a good, moderate hold.

The key ingredient in Hog Phat is our beeswax; it isn't the ingredient we use the most of, but our beeswax has characteristics you cannot find in processed, commercially available beeswax. We are very proud of the wax that we personally process and how much better it is than what you can find commercially. In just the right amounts, it adds a quality to our balm that you are not likely to find in any other product.