Beard Care Sampler

Our convenient sampler gives you a health dose of all three of our scents, in both Hog Phat balm and our oil. There's enough here for a week or more of use, for each scent! The oil comes in 1-dram vials, much larger than most companies offer. The Hog Phat balm comes in a 1/2 oz tin. You also get our application card and a nice High Desert Man decal freebie.

Shipping notice: if you receive your product and the balm has become crystallized or lumpy, don't worry. Simply melt the product down again and then place in your fridge for a couple hours and it will look as good as new. Sometimes the product may melt a little in shipping and when cosmetic butters solidify slowly, they crystallize. It does not change the effectiveness or qualities of the product at all; only aesthetics.

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