Heritage Humidor | 40-60 Count
Heritage Humidor | 40-60 Count Heritage Humidor | 40-60 Count Heritage Humidor | 40-60 Count Heritage Humidor | 40-60 Count Heritage Humidor | 40-60 Count

This is the first standard release of Heritage Humidors from Kosankewoodworking.com. These are heirloom quality humidors that will last for generations; pass them down to sons and grandsons. They are purposely designed to be show pieces and used as your daily go-to humidor for your premium cigars. Pay attention - there are a number of innovations here you won't find in any other humidor:

  1. The construction on these is 100% pure hardwoods and Spanish Cedar. No veneers, no flimsy 1/8" cedar inlay. The hardwood exterior is 3/4-in thick, fully hand made, hand finished in the US.
  2. More stable: we use thick Spanish Cedar on the internal box; more than any other company. What does this mean? More internal stability of humidification so that the internal environment returns to a consistent level more quickly between openings.
  3. Circular Humidification Channel (CHC) system - There are channels cut into the walls and bottom of the cedar box inside that allow for complete circular hydration of your cigars. No need to worry if a stuffed  humidor is humidifying the cigars on the bottom - they're all good.
  4. Boveda Power - Each humidor comes with (2) 84% packs for seasoning and (2) 72% packs to get you off and running when you first load this baby with all your precious puros. In addition, a Boveda 2-pack (side-by-side) wooden holder is included that you can affix to the lid of your humidor to hold the Boveda packs. And don't worry - the humidor is designed with enough recess to keep the holder from interfering with your cigars.

NOTE: When inventory is out, there will be a 4-6 wk turn-around time as new humidors are built and finished. Please be aware of this delay if the stock shows backordered.

NOTE: Free shipping only within the continental US.

* These beautiful humidors are handcrafted by my uncle in Idaho, who has been an elite wood worker for over two decades. They will ship from Idaho and should there be any issue or need to return, purchaser will return them to Idaho to Kosanke Wood working (kosankewoodworking.com).