The Smoke Chest
The Smoke Chest The Smoke Chest The Smoke Chest The Smoke Chest

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It started with the Smoke Chest Kit - inserts to turn your empty cigar box into a man-cave, herf organizer. Now we have our own box and a complete solution - the Smoke Chest. Keep your space tidy and stop forgetting  your accouterments when you enjoy your fine smoke. 

  • A cigar / pipe rest - holds large ring gauge cigars in place
  • An ashtray - holds ash of several cigars; easily removes for disposal of ash
  • An accessories pocket - store lighter, cutter, punch, bleed tool, etc.
  • A beverage rest - 1/4" cork emblazoned with the High Desert Man logo; offers secure purchase for your libation of choice
    * We apologize that we can no longer include the lighter / cutter combo with this product.

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