Smoke Chest Kit - Toro
Smoke Chest Kit - Toro Smoke Chest Kit - Toro Smoke Chest Kit - Toro Smoke Chest Kit - Toro Smoke Chest Kit - Toro Smoke Chest Kit - Toro

Includes Lighter / Cutter Combo

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The "Smoke Chest Kit" (pat. pending) a modular insert system that turns an empty cigar box into a multi-purpose man-cave accoutrement. V. 1.0 is CNC machined of domestic Cherry wood, so this beautiful kit will be a stand-out item in your favorite place to enjoy a smoke. The two-piece system works with many different cigar boxes, typically for Toro sized cigars. Use your own box, purchase it with the box or pick one up at your local B&M. It turns your box into a stylish, contained organization system with the following features:

  • A cigar / pipe rest - Tested and good for up to an 80 ring-guage; easily removed to dispose of ashes
  • An ashtray - holds ash of several cigars, depending on size
  • An accessories pocket - store lighter, cutter, punch, bleed tool, etc.
  • A beverage rest - 1/4" cork emblazoned with the High Desert Man logo; offers secure purchase for your libation of choice

Check the dimensions below; this "Toro" version has been designed to work in Camacho "Toro" size boxes (not box pressed toro). However there are many boxes it has been found to work with so far. Our goal with the next version is to offer a High Desert Man branded box with room for additional accessories or a single cigar.

Dimensions: (Reference picture above; D = depth from top to bottom faces; L = length from front to back of unit; W = width from side to side)


  • D = 1 11/16"
  • L = 6 1/8"
  • W = 3"

Beverage / Access.

  • D = 1 1/4" (not incl. beverage cork, which is 1/4")
  • L = 6 1/8"
  • W = 4 7/8"

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